Listen to Baby Newz

Robert Mcdonald is named head of the Veterans Administration, and Baby conjectures about who his relative might be.

Baby likes the doggies who visited Congress.They helped in the Iraq war, and advocates now want them helped. #veterans

Crumbs bakery chain closes, and Baby wonders if there’s anywhere else he can get a cupcake with Grandma, now.

Paris, France, now has a #bikeshare program for children. But what about Babies?

The U.S. team is still in the #WorldCup, and Baby draws parallels between the soccer tournament and big sister’s behavior.

Baby, in his own confused way, says why news of the “ISIS” militant group in Iraq makes little sense to him.

After Don Charney is fired as CEO of American Apparel, Baby suggests former Vice President Dick Cheney help.

Baby guesses why Tim “Dunkin-the-basketball” and his Spurs beat #LeBron James and the Heat: It has to do with #WorldCup Soccer.

Baby’s confused why @GameOfThrones gets @HBO’s highest-ever ratings, and why it has that name. #GameOfThrones

After report that treats from China killed and sickened dogs, Baby worries what it means for his own family’s eating preferences.