Listen to Baby Newz

Candy manufacturers say a record amount of candy has been sold for Easter. And, says, Baby, sometimes Easter’s about something else!

Baby’s wants @MileyCyrus, hospitalized after her dog died, to get a new puppy. And he has advice on what she shouldn’t do! #Bangerztour

A dog is saved by police after it runs onto subway tracks, delighting New Yorkers. Baby’s happy but wants to protect his dog.

Breast augmentation ads in New York City disturb some transit riders and parents, but Baby looks at them in his own way. #NYC

The Supreme Court removes restrictions on individual political donations. Baby ponders the meaning of #FreeSpeech. @scotus #CitizensUnited

Baby wonders why “How I Met Your Mother” and the “Colbert Report” TV shows make their fans so angry. #CancelColbert @StephenatHome

Mommy @KimKardashian reveals that baby North West peed on daddy @KanyeWest during their @Vogue cover shoot. Baby’s aghast.

Baby observes the NCAA basketball playoffs: how they dress, Warren Buffet’s billion dollar bracket bet, and the players’ “free” throws. #marchmadness

Baby notes how Russian leader Vladimir Putin has turned “Ukraine” and “Crimea” all around.

#ChildhoodObesity declines, but Baby worries that First Lady Michelle Obama’s #letsmove fitness efforts will make him less cute. #FLOTUS